3D Cardboard Human Hand
I'm an avid 3D-printer, so I'm steeped in the concepts of slicing up a digital, mathematical representation of a physical object and then spitting it back out again as a real thing in plastic form. Through all of that fun, I'd come across methods for doing similar things to make templates to cut out of various materials (ideally with the power and precision of a laser) and stack them dimensionally, and I parked that knowledge in the back of my skull.

After finally buying a laser cutter (a Glowforge - http://glowforge.com), I've been rapidly chewing through every laserable material I can get my hands on, testing artistic potential. I partake in a little too much Amazon shopping, so had a "Prime" source of raw material stacking up in the garage - shipping boxes. I found a model I liked, sliced it up and this is the result.

Hand by Teak is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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